I cannot be on the sidelines complaining,
I would rather be in the game striving for
change and helping the whole team win.


I support adequate funding for our school system, with greater focus on the construction of new and renovated schools and growth management tools.


We must ensure that our EMS, Fire Departments and Public Safety are properly funded to provide the services that our community needs.

Health & Human Resources

The delivery of Health and Human related services for all children, the elderly, disabled and low-income families is a must.

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North Carolina Election Day
May 17 : Primary

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NC Voting Absentee
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All voters are eligible to vote absentee, and a request to vote absentee must be received by 5 p.m. on the last Tuesday before the election.

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Voter ID Laws for
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These laws require voters to present some form of identification at the polls. In some cases, the required identification must include a photo.

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